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Help! Frozen emergency brake 2003 Passat wagon

Our Passat’s emergency brake is stuck. It’s an electronic emergency brake and to activate or deactivate it you push ? button niext to the instrument panel. It has been below 0c for a week now with no end in sight and it may be frozen.

One suggestion was to disconnect the battery for 10 mins to power down all elctronics. This did not work.

The display says to manually release the brake but I can find no manual release anywhere.

Does anyone have a suggestion for unfreezing the brake or overriding the electonics or where the manual release is?

Thanks for your help.

What does the owner’s manual say about the location of the manual parking brake release?

No mention of a manual brake release for the electronic parking brake in the manual. I’ve looked many times.

Have you asked a VW dealer or mechanic about it?

They were the ones who suggested unhooking the battery for 10 minutes.

can you park it in a heated garage for a bit? It is probably an ice build up binding the mechanism somewhere along the line.

Would love to but the emergency brake is locked (frozen?). From what I understand about the electronic emergency brakes, they are much firmer than manual breaks. I can’t budge the car.