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Tire won't budge

Why won’t the rear drivers side tire move? It seems frozen in place and I’m afraid to rev the engine too much for fear of breaking something!

Is the parking brake on? It may be frozen (or rusted) in place if the car sat for an extended time.

…Or a frozen caliper

It’s the E-brake or a wheel bearing…How old is your Jetta? How many miles??

This is a 5-speed 1998 Jetta with 118,000 mi. The parking brake is off, the brakes were replaced about 3 months ago, but it was driven through rain then parked for 10 days. How would I unstick the parking brake?

First try backing up then going forward a few times. Sometimes this will pop the stuck brake loose. Failing that, jack up the car and remove the wheel and see if the E-brake cable and lever are working properly. Next, using two big screw drivers or small pry bars, try to move the caliper a little, releasing the brake…If it has drum brakes, give the drum a few whacks with a heavy lead or brass mallet…Failing that, have the car towed to a repair shop…