My 2005 Honda Civic RPM goes high when I press the gas . I don’t know what’s going on

So my car has been acting funny when I press the gas. The rpm has been going high but the car feels like it ain’t going nowhere for a little and then it takes off going up hills forget it it won’t pass 1 and overheats a little , I’m confused as to what’s going on I’ve changed everything on that car alternator, could , spark plugs and so on and I’m still confused

What about the transmission?

edit: It could be low on fluid if it’s automatic. Or it’s worn out. Either way letting it slip is damaging the transmission.


If you have a manual transmission, your clutch is going out.
If you have an automatic transmission, your trans is failing. and needs to be rebuilt.


At least it runs good. Can you afford to fix trans?

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If it’s an automatic, Don’t drive until you check your transmission fluid. To check,
Warm up the car, then with foot on the brake cycle through all the gears. Then put it in park. Then with engine running check the level on the transmission dipstick. Add if necessary. If it’s low you might have got lucky and little damage was done. If it drives well after this check and repair leaks. It got low for a reason.

  • … using ONLY genuine Honda trans fluid of the specification appropriate for the 2005 model year.

It definitely sounds like a clutch or transmission problem. Not related to the engine in other words. Replacing alternator, spark plugs, etc won’t likely be of any help. Hopefully your Civic has a manual transmission and it just needs a relatively inexpensive routine clutch replacement. You could get lucky and it only needs a clutch adjustment, unlikely if this is the original clutch, but possible.

If you have an automatic trans, a r outine trans service might get it working again, at least temporarily. That means to replace the trans fluid with fresh stuff, and replace the trans filter. The new fluid will have fresh seal conditioners which will sometimes revive a misbehaving automatic transmission. So don’t panic yet.