2006 f150 4.6 ticking

I have an 06 f150 with the 4.6 it has 255k miles. About 230k miles it started a ticking that seems to be coming from the passenger side valve cover area. The ticking will speed up and slow down with idle but seems to get faint at higher rpm in idle. While driving under acceleration it will turn into a chattering but smooths out after letting off the gas to cruise. I did a full tune up (plugs and coils) it went away for a couple days then came back. Ticking started again only after the motor getting to normal temp. Now it’s just constant. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I’ve been reading a lot of forums and listening to audio clips but I can’t seem to find an exact area to look or sound alike. I have a video but can’t figure out a way to upload

one thing to check is the exhaust manifold. the gaskets tend to leak or even get small holes in the exhaust manifold itself.

or is this your sound? its towards the end of the clip. he has a great website for fords and explains how to fix it.

Ford Vehicle Noises: #1 The 4.6L & 5.4L 3v Engine Hot Idle Phaser Knock - YouTube

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I’ve watched quite a few of his videos, my truck is a 4.6 2v didn’t have phasers, I may not have gone back far enough but he doesnt seem to do a lot of 2v videos

I’d suggest maybe a lifter has failed. Hopefully not a rocker arm or a cam. the valve cover needs to come off for inspection. Not a hard job on 4.6 2V.


A loose spark plug can cause a ticking sound. It’s not very loud though.

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