My 1999 MB SL500 keeps stopping its engine in the middle of the road

In the past 2 months, this car , 1999 SL 500, made sudden stopped its engine at least 8 times, about 10% of the time. Without warning, it stopped while I am driving, at stop sign, and when I started the engine. When I try to start it again, it crank up, but the car does not start. Eventually, after 30 to 40 minutes of trying, it wil start again. But I can not take this anymore.

I took it to several MB specialist Mechanic. One said the crank sensor. Other said the ignition switch. Help…Is this a common problem unique to this year model? Surely someone may had had this problem before? Can you tell me what wrong, and about how much it costs to repair this, and who? Thanks a million. I am truly appreciate all your input / recommendation.

So don’t drive in the middle of the road!

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t control myself. The Devil made me do it.

Seriously, did you let the mechanic change the crank position sensor? Those have been known to cause your symptoms.

OK… your is the third one with this problem. The other 2 are a 1988 and 1987 560 SL. Hoping for a good reply. I’ll pass it on if I get one. I wasn’t too fond of the first reply you got.