My 1998 Maxima only stalls only in the rain?

My 1998 Maxima only stalls only in the rain?

I replaced the plugs, fuel and air filter.

My check engine light shows MAF and Evap

Canister/sensor. my mechanic says neither would cause this only in rain. He thinks its a bad coil but no error codes for that. Which are expensive to fix randomly. What do you guys think ? Please I’m desparate for an answer!

Thanks Brian McAdams - Doylestown, PA

I think this is a DIS vehicle with multiple coils, right? The downside is this is a classic symptom of bad wires, which you don’t have. I would try a test on all the coils first and try to narrow it down but I don’t know for certain it will work on this car:

Get a spray bottle like for glass cleaner and fill it with water. When the weather is dry and the car will run normally, start it in a dark area or at night and start spraying the coils. If this test works, you will likely see sparks travelling from the coils to the top of the engine or the valve covers. Or at the very least get it to stall when you spray something and point you in the right direction.

I would think there is a resistance test for the coils that could narrow it down but a 10 year old car with ??? miles might need all of them.

Thank You, I will try that hopefully I will see some sparks, My mechanic said that without a sensor missfire he could not visabily Id the bad coil he said start by trying the back 3 that are exposed. ?

141 miles thanks again Brian