Help - Corolla stalls in the rain

My daughter’s 2001 Corolla (3-speed transmission) is stalling in the rain. Twice in the last week it has stalled when pulling away from a stop sign. Both times she was able to restart the car and continue driving. The check engine light is not on (it works). The MAF sensor & O2 sensor (closest to the engine) were replaced last year. Would a faulty coil pack on 1 cylinder cause the car to stall…?

Could be a coil pack. Could also be a spark plug wire, ect.
Fill a spray bottle or plant mister with water, start the car and spray in the area of the coil packs and spark plug wires to see if you can get it to stall. You won’t need to soak the area - a misting should do.
Then replace suspect parts.

Thanks for the response - I tried “misting” & nothing happened (no stalling) – any other ideas…?