My 1990 Ford F150 is Jealous of My New Girlfriend

My 1990 Ford F150 is jealous of my new girlfriend. Every time I go to visit her, and she only lives 1/2 mile away, my automatic transmission will not shift up as I accelerate. The engine is literally screaming before it will shift, like it does not want to drive to her house. Every other place I drive to, it shifts normally. There are no hills, valleys, half frozen lakes, or piles of broken down MG’s in between our houses. I think I may be losing my mind, please help. What might be causing this???!!!

Is it possible that the truck isn’t warmed up when you only drive ? mile down the road, and the transmission doesn’t like to shift when cold?

Have the fluid and filter been changed regularly?

Is the fluid low?

It has been quite cold lately, although I do let it warm up for a couple of minutes. And sometimes after I’ve been driving for a while, it will get better, and then worse again. Fluid level is fine also.

No it is fine.

Transmission may be too full of fluid. If you have a modulator valve, remove it and avoid the excess fluid that will be in a hurry to get out. I had that problem and it fixed it. Try upshifting manually and see what happens. A good girlfriend would buy you a new truck. Try hanging out in Palm Beach.

Well, having the engine scream with the possibility of it becoming shrapnel is definitely not the answer.

My memory is a bit fuzzy on this but I think this truck uses a transmission kickdown cable that is attached to the throttle body. If this cable is out of adjustment for whatever reason the transmission can act like this.
It can also kill a transmission pretty quickly and a screaming engine does not help the situation either.