1994 Ford F-150 Electrical & Transmission Issues

My trusty 1994 Ford F150 is starting to show her age, I think. I’m noticing a few issues and seeking advice:

#1 - most concerning to me is she jerks pretty hard when shifting through the first few gears during relatively warm weather. The cold snap has abated the issue for now. Had the transmission fluid checked - mechanic said it’s fine.

#2 - This is a fun electrical issue. I’m driving down the highway when suddenly the cruise control shuts off, as does the speedometer and the digital odometer. The Tach still works, as do the rest of the gauges. Maybe 10 - 15 minutes later, they all come back on. It’s done this a couple times.

3# - Really annoying but very minor; when I push down on the foot feed, there’s a bit of a squeak in the engine. I’m guessing it’s a tensioner pulley on the serpentine belt, but any ideas why it would only happen when I give it some gas?

Thanks all!

The shifting and speedometer problems are both likely caused by a failing speed sensor. The squeal does sound like a belt problem.

How long ago was the transmission fluid changed out? If it is due I would start with that for the tranny problem.

If the speed sensor isn’t causing the trouble I would suggest looking for a common power source to those things and check for a intermittent connection problem.

Replace the worn out belt tensioner wheel bearing. Higher RPM will cause more friction to the bad bearings.