My 06 Scion xA (Standard) was towed backwards and now it seems to roll

I was towed about 100’ while out of town [the apartment complex decided to repave :(] I was parked head in, gear in 1st and parking brake on. Since then when I park in flat areas, my car seems to roll backwards a little when I have it in gear. Is there an anti-rollback that could have been damaged? Any ideas you can toss me before I head to the dealership’s mechanic would be MOST welcome.

This came up on today’s show. If the car is towed backwards and in gear the engine will turn. If you left it in first the engine will turn backwards. At the very least the timing belt will jump. Your apartment complex may owe you a service.

I heard today’s show and it didn’t refer to the car “rolling” when in park. The engine performance has not been afferted and the length the car was driven was short. Could there be something else?