Car pulls in both directions

So my car was parked in a parking lot where I work. It was hit by some one drunk leaving the establishment. I religiously park with my wheels straight. When I came out to my car the front end was moved about a foot to the right and the wheels were turned to the right farther than you can turn them with the steering wheel. Now when driving after cornering my car pulls in the direction of the corner I just took. Also doesn’t feel right when cornering. I don’t really know how to describe it. The collision place replaced the bumper and took it for a drive and apparently found nothing wrong while driving. Any thoughts?

Then the car was hit pretty hard.

Tow it to a shop and have the steering/suspension inspected.



Agreed, you need a good front end shop, please don’t go to a national chain. If you have a mechanic who does not do alignments, ask him where he gets them done.


You need a new collision place. Don’t even take it back to them for a car wash. If the wheels were really turned farther to the right than you can turn them normally, that means something broke. I have my suspicions as to what that something is, and that’s without even seeing the car. That a body shop could get it on a lift and not find the problem is unconscionable.

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Whose insurance paid for the repair? You can’t show/tell repair place what you see is wrong? Both parties cannot agree their is a problem? Who is right?