My 05 Dakota is freaking out!

My father-in-law sold me his Dodge Dakota, that he bought brand new in 2005. He says he never had any problems, but shortly after acquiring the truck, ALL of the dash lights began flashing… oil, CEL, ABS, brake, seatbelt… all of them. And, when backing up, the reverse lights flash on and off. And ONE time, my headlights flashed. It doesn’t seem to affect the way it drives, but some other strange things are happening as well. After this flashing continued for several days, the truck would shut off a few seconds after starting. This happened several times in a row, then it wouldn’t even turn over. Nothing at all happened when I turned the key. At this point, I had it towed to a dealer service center, where they got it started, and informed me that I had some loose ground wires, and needed a new battery. They thought they thought they had fixed it, but the very next day, the flashing started again. I returned the truck to the service center, where they got it to stop flashing, but didn’t know why it was doing it… basically, they were no help. So, now it has been going on for a long time… the truck runs fine for a week or so, flashing dash lights and all, then I have the starting issue. But, if I let it sit for a day or two, all of a sudden it starts, and the cycle continues. Flashing lights, dies after starting, won’t turn over, sits for a couple days, starts right up.


There’s still a bad ground connection they haven’t found.