2003 Honda Odyssey Electrical

At 130,000 I replaced the transmission. Now, randomly the car has flickering lights on the dash while I am driving. The radio flickers, and the tach/speedometers drop to zero. After this happens and I turn off the car, the car will not restart. It is completely dead. If I wait 2.5 minutes, there is much clicking in the dash, then everything comes back to life. No one can figure it out. I will add that in the 9 years I’ve owned this thing, I have replaced 5-6 batteries. The transmission guy says something is pulling on the battery, but he nor Honda can figure out what it is.

You need to check your batt connections. Clean the batt posts…grease and tighten them… You can buy a batt post terminal cleaner…Its a bullet shaped wire brush…both an internal and external type brush… very useful and rather cheap.

Buy it, use it, and then grease and tighten your batt clamps…see what happens.

If this doesnt do it…check your chassis GROUND and engine ground connections…they are just as important as the POS connections on the Batt. A bad ground will wreak havoc on EVERYTHING…they are totally overlooked and MASSIVELY important.


Thanks, Blackbird. I’ve done everything you’ve said regarding the battery. I’ll get started on the other things you’ve mentioned. Just curious–why wouldn’t Honda think of this? Seems pretty logical…

Like blackbird says, some sort of grounding problem is very likely and they are the ones that very likely messed it up for you, since you now have that problem, after they replaced the transmission.
I’d check in the area of the transmission and bell housing. There likely is a ground strap attached to it somewhere… Maybe they didn’t tighten it properly.