Mx-3 running very poorly, cant track down issue

And his forte is knowing cars inside out (especially for speed). That is what I was alluding to…i.e. a good mechanic.

How about recommending a real mechanic . . . as opposed to a character from the movies

Anyone who replaces a head gasket 25 times (assuming the tale is true and I have my doubts) really needs to look in the mirror and question whether or not they are the right person to be doing this job.

As for the Fast and Furious movies, I could not even sit through half of the first one because of the BS.

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Ive had real mechanics work on my car, they have only worsened my situation and fixed incorrect parts as i told them thats not right. Mechanics here all suck, luckily i am a mechanic but i work on electric generators amd diesel engines but im the best at what i do on this side of the island along with my dad, we are privately contracted to every municipial here, so, mechanically speaking im fairly aware as to what im doing. That being said technically a proffessional mechanic is working on it but im not too experienced witb cars in specific and how ecu’s/computers work on cars, i work on old military, big 200k+ watt generators, which are fairly easy compared to a small compact little japanese car.

Shortly put, im fairly mechanically inclined to do any work and its cheaper to rebuild an engine to full running capacity even if its trial and error until everything is brand new rather than buying a new car.

My car is essentially brand new other than frame, minor suspension details, interior and the block/pistons/crank and all that come with it, couldonly cost around 300 give or take more and ive spent in total along price with the car 1500 dollars, assuming there is margin of error, 2k - 2.5k (ignoring the work i can do) isnt bad for an extremely well running vehicle considering the islands situation.


Finished my repair for the most part, replaced bad gaskets in crankcase and cleaned entire engine bay top to bottom, checked everything possible, left rings alone for now, if i see more blowby i will consider them bad but for now problem has been dealt with, no more oil leaks and car purrs like a beast.

On first start, idle was way too high though at 2k, checked and decided i was having a problem with the iac valve, unplugged the solenoid and it dropped to roughly 1300 where it is sitting now, i hadnt had more time to do anything so i plan on cleaning the iac and bleeding the coolant system to diagnose the problem further, otherwise no problems other than idle and a slight hiccup only when the iac is unplugged, if its plugged in its fine (no hiccup when accelerating) but high idle.

Somehow, I think you missed what I was trying to suggest. A real mechanic? Any person with solid experience with the mechanics of cars being considered by this OP would do. Either he gains a little more experience and know-how or find one of those. It beats buying a car in the blind, only to spend a lot of money experimenting and learning as he goes. From what the OP has posted as being done, indicates to me that he needs a Dominic Toretto (streetwise mechanic) tagging along on his next buy.