Mx-3 running very poorly, cant track down issue

I live in southern NJ and the township i live in allows no scrapyards ( or trailer parks, for that matter).

I live in puerto rico


Took out engine, left pistons in block, cleaning every part and replacing every gasket. Pistons and rings seem fine from what i can see and no marks on walls so im assuming they are good enough for now. If i find the tools i will replace the rings and bearings. Cleaning entire engine bay, walls, buffing bumpers and planning on sanding down whole car and repainting it soon after rebuild proves successfull, awaiting sensors which will leave every part on my car except rings, bearings, tps, o2 sensors, cams and lifters, pistons and rods, and a few minor sensors brand new, lets see how she does when the parts all come in.

Potentially have a computer/ecu problem as well, lets see :unamused:

P.S. i apoligise if my english idnt the best, its not my main language.

Your English is very good. My grandmother who came to the US from Switzerland at 15, described the US as the only civilized country where most of the people only speak one language and aren’t even ashamed of that. Of course she said that in the 40s and 50s and it was probably more true then.

Clean or change the PCV valve.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the unhelpful (directly addressing your car problem), if not rude responses to your post. After all, we should all be here to learn and explore the fixes to a particular car problem that anyone may have; we are not teaching English grammar.

I found your post not particularly long or perplexing. That is because…in the back of my mind was the notion that you were reaching out for help. We all should be mindful of that when replying to posts seeking advice or help. In fact your long detail of events have led me to this simple surmise/summation. I think you may have gotten in way over your head. I am not a mechanic, but a busted head gasket leads to water leaking into the cylinder head; that usually means engine gone.

Your situation now is far too gone to entertain further work on this car. You claimed that you can not afford to fix this car or buy another. I beg to differ. The amount of time, money, and energy you put into this car…could have been better spent on finding a perfectly running good used car. Who cares how old, as long as it is mechanically sound.

In this time of the corona virus, people are in need of cash. You should be able to find many bargains out there for used cars. And the new cars on the market (look for 2021’s) will soon be selling for less than dealers cost; everybody needs cash. If your credit qualifies…you can get new cars for delayed 6 months before payment. And if the stimulus plan is coming your way…it may help in the purchase of that 2021; always garner car deals on the new models coming in. You get much better deals that way, than the so-called deals on last year’s models. I posted how in earlier posts.

Bottom line: If the new car route is not seeable for you (especially to take advantage of in this pandemic economic crisis), then just get a sound cheap used car. They are out there form private sellers. And stay away from used car dealers.

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Rick , the OP has already started work on this vehicle . Also they are in Puerto Ricco which is trying to recover from the Hurricane so any running undamaged vehicle there is going to be at a premium .

And just saying that the original post consisting of word salad and almost impossible to read and understand is not rude .


Actually . . . I don’t feel it’s appropriate that you do that

If somebody wants to apologize for their previous comments, let him do it . . . or not

But don’t do it for them

maybe they have no intention of apologizing, because they feel they have done nothing wrong


I don’t think I have done anything wrong either. Perhaps you should take your own advice?

I had no problem understanding what the OP stated…just saying.

Thanks for your story on Mx-3, I had a vehicle like this but it was a 1964 ford van I replaced the engine x 3, trans x 2 rear end x2, head gaskets x 25, working with all the design problems knowned by Ford in advance but never any advice given. I knew this vehicle inside and out and was hoping to get some support from Ford but it never came no-matter what I said, or who I spoke to, I did find one company to help with supporting my rebuilding from a company called “Solder Seal” Which is a company which makes a product to stop oil leaks from American Loose fitting seals. They gave me
a box of stickers to go on the out side of the Van. But no money!
I had my brother help me sell the van for 1/75 of the cost I spent on it to keep it running. The buyer ended up driving it drunk and totaled it out!. I had a good release at the DMV.

I could not read my way through all of that but the first paragraph (of sorts…) was enough for me.
Overheating, warped head, Blue Devil quick fix, and skipping to the last section regarding the oil blowing into the cylinders would tell me the original overheating incident fried the cylinder walls and piston rings.

What does “cross checking rings, valves, and gaskets” mean? That’s a new one on me.

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like what volvo_v70 said, im kinda SOL with finding good running car. Me and my family have bought 4 cars in the last 3 years all having problems that required heavy work and this is really nothing compared to every other car we have, basically any car in PR will require work and maintnence, unless brand new (even a brand new car here in pr will have the check engine light and bad sensors, theres no work around) and even then, but so be it, im basically done, replaced plugs, sensors on almost everything, found oil leaks and pistons/rings seem fairly OK, third leaks a very minor bit, ill se if i have the time to ever change the pistons/rings in the future and if i have to change the block than so be it but that would leave me with a new engine from the ground up, problem solved.

What i mean by that is just checking the cylinders individually by putting diesel in each cylinder and seeing if it leaks over 24 hours, the third cylinder ended up leaking a bit but still since it is diesel, it can leak a bit to even the slightest wear, who knows, if its bad ill have them changed after this whole thing blows over, ive driven the car for 4 months the way it is so it couldnt be too bad considering all the other problems.

sounds about like my story in the making, trying to get ahead of problems atm though, im only giving it one shot, if anything goes out again im junking it, end of story.

Damn though 25 head gaskets 0_0 yikes, not going through that…

I did not learn of you living in PR, until after my post…and from your later posts. I have never been to PR. But I have learned that most of the cars there are fairly old. Being so old, you would think they would be well kept though…for the necessity of transportation. Having said that, perhaps you need to find a Dominic Toretto friend. If I lived in PR with that kind of shortage of good running cars, you can bet I would become a Dominic Toretto myself or find one. You should be able to spot and realize a troubled car, before buying it. It would save a lot of the trouble you are having with buying used cars. That kind of savvy you should have, and should be applied no matter where you live.

If someone is going through 25 head gaskets (in a literal sense) then someone is not doing the job correctly.

And checking cylinders with diesel fuel means nothing. Both a dry and wet compression test should be performed. A good engine should be showing 175 PSI and up. If it’s down in the 125 range and goes up after adding a squirt of oil the the cylinders/rings are toast.

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I had a boat motor that loved to eat head gaskets. On close inspection it turned out there was a small pit at the top of the cylinder head.

Who in the world is that ?

Dominic Toretto is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists of the Fast & Furious franchise. He is portrayed by Vin Diesel and first appeared on film