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Must disconnect and reconnect battery to start 96 Mustang

I was on my way back from Seattle and pulled over to get gas. After I filled my tank, I tried to start the car and nothing happened, and I do mean nothing happened. There’s a single loud click, and all the other electrical components come on, but the car didn’t even try to turn over. I thought it might be the battery terminals, so I disconnected and reconnected them, and the car started perfectly. I got home, turned the car off, and when I came back out the same problem. I once again disconnected and reconnected the battery, and again it started up fine.
Other posts I’ve seen hint at the alarm system, but I don’t have one. I’ve tried putting the stick into neutral, and it makes no difference. The battery is almost brand new, though I haven’t had it tested yet. It runs strong otherwise. Any help would be appreciated.

If you remove the battery cables and then reconnect them and the vehicle starts then it means there’s a poor cable connection at the battery.


Another possibility is the starter solenoid contacts are going bad.

I really believe that Tester is correct, but there is a small chance that there is a defect in the battery, and it may not show up on a battery test. It has to do with a hairline crack where the battery post connects to the distribution buss inside the battery.

It could be either post, but each time you remove and reconnect the battery posts, you stress the post connection inside the battery and force a connection. The vehicle starts, but the internal connection deteriorates quickly. This will only work for a little while, then the battery will simply stop working.

You may not have a security system per say.

But allot of older fords end up having issues with the keyless entry modual.

I would start by having the crank voltage checked at the starter relay another common Ford fail item.

At least it will help to narrow down what part of the start circuit is at fault.