Mushy Clutch pedal

2006 Suzuki Reno…the clutch pedal is mushy. Does not easily go into gear and if i press the clutch pedal twice it sometimes helps. Also if the car is in gear when i start it it can start to move even though the pedal is down. Any suggestions?

Check the clutch fluid, (brake fluid) The reservoir is next to the brake master cylinder. If it’s low on fluid, the system is leaking, fix the leak…But for now, refill the fluid reservoir…

If your clutch fluid has leaked low enough, you will have air in the line, which is why if you depress the peddle twice it works ok, because that breaks up the air into tiny bubbles and it does not compress as much. Have the master and slave and the fluid line checked for leaks, replace bad parts, and bleed the fluid. Caddyman is right though, top up the fluid for now, but get it fixed or you will be stuck with no shifting soon.