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1999 Passat clutch

My clutch pedal went all the way to the floor. The engine was missing first and then that problem happened with the clutch.

I had the car towed to my business,

I checked it the other day and the pedal was up. The clutch still doesnt engage.


I don’t think the motor miss and clutch problem are related. The clutch comes first. Have you checked the fluid in the clutch master cylinder resovoir? It could be low and allowed air in the lines. Or, the master cylinder, slave cylinder, or both are bad and not building up pressure to move the clutch.

If your business isn’t an auto shop, you likely need another tow to a transmission shop. If you add fluid and get some pressure the clutch might work, but you’ll have to bled the air out of the lines to get the clutch working properly.

I cannot find the reservoir. It seems like its the same as the brake fluid… Is that right??

I’ve seen a few like this. Is the brake fluid low? If the clutch shares the brake fluid master cylinder reservoir, there will be a rubber line to tie the clutch master cylinder to the reservoir, usually a little less than half way up the reservoir. If the brake fluid gets really low due to a leak in the clutch system, it should leave a bit of fluid for the brakes, but the brake light should be on due to low brake fluid.

The brake fluid level is good.
I cracked open the bleeder and there was fluid.
Could it be the clutch??

When you say “The clutch still doesn’t engage” do you mean that engine revs freely even though you have the transmission in any gear? When I first read your post, I assumed you meant that you could not disenage the clutch i.e. the only way to get into gear is to shut off the engine and then shift.

I cant engage the clutch unless the engine is off. The pedal is also very free. Doesnt have any pressure.