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Rack opinion replacement

I have a 200 s Chrysler 2015 and the steering wheel is hard to turn I was told that the rack opinions gone up no noise is coming from but I ordered a used rack opinion replacement. But my question is, can i program new used one to the car I have now. I was told By the dealer a diagnostics was done but the Rack opinion is Program to another car. Can I reprogram the rack to the car I have now and how

You have what is called drive-by-wire steering.

That means the rack and pinion steering assembly has an electric motor instead of using hydraulic pressure.


With these units, you don’t want to install a used unit.

You just end up with same problems.

Instead install a quality remanufactured unit.

You end up with a part that was improved to address the problems with the original part.


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Rock Auto has them for between $858 and $2,005 including core charges ($250 for the new mopar unit)

Used ones are going for under $200 from what I can find.