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Multiple Dummy Lights

Started with Check Engine light…We replaced the O2 sensors…light went out for about 2 days…came back on…checked again…O2 sensor…Light would go off…come back on…go off…etc. 2 weeks ago the low tire light came on…No Message of any kind on Little Window on steering column. Went and put air in tires…Light did not go off. Changed battery about 2 months ago…now Battery Light comes on. Checked it…Battery Fine…Alternator Charging. But…got 2 error codes…the usual one P0420…Now a new one P0622, Keeps saying something about Generator…Does that mean Alternator? Never heard of a Generator on a vehicle in a very long time! Any idea WTH?

How old is your van?

If it’s already several years old, one or more of your tire pressure sensors might already be dead, as in dead batteries inside the sensors. That would explain why correcting the tire pressures did not result in the warning light extinguishing

P0420 is a code signaling that the catalytic converter efficiency is too low, as far as the powertrain control module is concerned. Proper diagnosis is required, though.

As a matter of fact, “generator” is the technically correct term. I’m not being a smart alec. Several years ago, it was decided that the word "generator was to be used again, at least in technical literature

Please click on the link. There’s some moderately interesting information contained within

Thank you…my van is a 2013 Grand Caravan…did not know the tire sensors had batteries…LOL. A mechanic I talked to said that maybe the “generator” was intermittingly working, but never heard of that happening on other vehicles I have owned…of course the other ones I owned weren’t so electronical! LOL I drive my van as a taxi…if I COULD I would be driving an Older Van that I could actually WORK ON. I am used to Alternators (Generators) being at the TOP of the motor and easy to change…HATE the new Vehicles…My 2005 Grand Caravan you had to take the EGR off to GET to the Alternator…and order a dang seal from the dealership who ALWAYS had to Order it…never in stock! Got a hold of a bad alternator and had to change it AGAIN…Anyway, thank you for the information. Taking it to a mechanic to make sure what is wrong. Trying NOT to take it to the dealership…when I took it in to service the Tranny…about 4-6 months later the tranny went out! Again Thank you