Getting code P0132 - should I just change the O2 sensor?

Hey all,

My 2001 Grand Caravan (3.3L, V6, 90k miles) had started “acting up” recently, it seems to be when it’s raining or in wet weather. Just after being started, the van will stumble and hesistate like it’s not getting fuel, with no response from the gas pedal (or very little). After a little coaxing, it’ll suddenly roar to life and be mostly normal after that. Today, it did this little routine and then the check engine light came on (not flashing). I pulled the codes when I got home, it’s showing P0132 - “O2 Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank1, Sensor1)”.

Should I just go ahead and replace the first O2 sensor and see if that fixes it or should I be checking something else first? Or do I need to change both O2 sensors at the same time?




That scheduled routine maintenance you’ve been meaning to do? It’s time! New spark plugs and wires, air filter, pcv valve, fuel filter just might take car of that problem.

I doubt it has anything to do with the problem, it is only the messenger. An O2 sensor can not make an engine run bad. If a sensor fails, the computer reverts to a standard mixture.

While on this subject, those posters saying you are wasting large amounts of gas with an old O2 sensor are bogus. Long term EPA studies at Colorado State University indicate even a 10% savings is an exceptional case. Just like the air filter myth!

You can change the bank one O2 sensor and see what happens. It’s about time to have one go out if it’s gonna go. If the sensor is wildly off it might cause the problem but it isn’t typically what usually happens. Maybe a different code will happen if you get that thing changed.

hellokit had a good point.  A lot of those issues sound like maintenance is past due.  That can cause an O? error.  If you are behind on replacing plugs (and very important wires) oil air and fuel filters, etc. then do them first.  You really need to do them so do them first and you might not need any repairs.

I agree with Joseph and hellokit. Take care of the ignition maintenance items before anything else. Then give your van time to clear the code itself, which hopefully will happen soon after your maintenance.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I knew there might be something non-obvious that I need to attend to other than just the O2 sensor. I’ve ordered plugs, wires, an air filter, a fuel filter, PCV valve, AND the O2 sensor (to save on shipping, in case it does need to be changed)…I’ll do the tune-up stuff first, clear the code and see what happens…if the code comes back, I’ll put in the O2 sensor, otherwise I’ll just hang on to it for now. Hopefully this is all it needs! Thanks again.