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Multiple Dings from Falling Nuts

My new Prius has 6 dings on 5 body panels caused by nuts falling from black walnut tree on our property. Other cars - Mercedes and Toyota Highlander - have never been dented by falling nuts. Prius seems to have thinner body panels. I know have the choice of trying paintless dent removal or expensive body work. Do you think Toyota has any responsibility?

You can try to get Toyota for the nut dings, but I don’t think you’ll have any success. I have an '03 Honda Civic and I’ve got “nut dings” on the hood, roof, and trunk too. Didn’t know what was causing them at first then I heard a nut hit, a pretty loud “clack”. Those nuts are solid and build up some momentum on the way down from a big tree.

My best option was move the car to a different parking spot. Covering it didn’t offer enough protection, dings through the cover. During “nut season” I’d try to get it a garage. The dings it has are still there.

Toyota will not do anything. The Prius is built light with weight savings on every piece of the car. I would try the paintless dent removal. Park some where else.

Toyota bears no responsibility. This is due to where you chose to park it. Would they be responsible for hail damage? You might try your insurer. They may cover existing damage, less your deductible. And then park somewhere else, because they won’t continue to cover it.