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MSD Magnetic Trigger Replacement Cables & Adapters

first thank you all for all the help diagmosing my problem. now ijust have to figgure out with replacement cables to buy. i have the option of, 6-ft SHIELDED Harness, 2-Wire Trigger Cable, or 6-ft Harness, 2-Wire Trigger Cable i’m not realy sure which one is the correct one for my car, i’m figgureing it is the shielded but would appreciate any help before i order either one. thank you again

I would be conserative and go with the shielded cable,it may be excessive but not incorrect.I conclude cost is not an issue.

I wish you’d find a knowledgeable electrician, maybe at an audio installation shop, to splice that shielded cam/crankshaft position sensor signal wire for you.

i do know some electritions, and an audio guy, i havn’t even thought of asking them, thanks. the guage of the wire just seems so small. maybe you can answer me this; how far does the shield travel, from the sensor connector pin out to ground? and would it be a specific guage/voltage wire i would need to use?>

The shield doesn’t cover the entire length of the wire; but, I don’t know how much it does cover. A wire gauge, the same or larger, would be ok. In a splice, you don’t want the shield to be in the splice since it will ground the signal; Then, the signal can’t make it to the computer.

I don’t know about your previous discussion so I am kinda shooting blind, but I’ll throw in what I know (just in case it helps).

I have had a problem where my HEI distributor created a false trigger to the MSD, so that when I tried to crank the car my computer showed 11000 RPM. (This caused the ECM to try to shoot tons of fuel into the motor, and all kinds of other issues)

The solution for me was to get a remote-mounted coil and shielded cable. Essentially the shield is a piece of foil that encapsulates the wires, to try to absorb the external EMF (therefore giving a clean signal to the ECM).

So although shielded cable is not always required, it can provide insurance against errant RPM signals to the ECM (or MSD).

-Bob C.