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Moving to Alaska - buy here or there/new or used?

I’m moving from Seattle to Anchorage next month. I currently have a great Toyota Echo (7 yrs, 35K). When I bought it I planned to drive it for 15-20 years, now but would like the a wagon or hatchback and AWD, so I’m looking at both Subaru Foresters and Impreza Wagons.

I’m looking at basic models of each - no moonroof, cloth seats, etc. Of course, that means no heated mirrors, windshield wipers, or seats. I’ll likely be parking outside with access to an outlet for block heater.

I have the money to buy a new basic model, but not sure it’s a good deal. Also, my new employer is paying my moving expenses, so should I buy in L48 or wait to buy in Anchorage?

I’d buy a used Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4 down in Seattle.

I used a VW GTI (fwd) for 12 years in Anchorage and never got stuck. I had a separate set of winter tires on rims that I’d change out in the garage. You might try this before buying a new/used car.

If you definitely want a new one, I’d get a Forester. Still get the extra set of tires/rims.

I’d buy there from a dealer you can trust and can service it. But, if you buy in Seattle make sure there is also a dealer near by where you live, or go with a different make…within dog sled distance or closer.

There used to be a board member in Alaska that drives a Camry. I’d take the Echo and see how it holds up.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I’ve wanted a wagon/hatchback for sometime and this seems like a good time to make the change. I’m now looking more at used vehicles both in Seattle and Anchorage. One of the benefits of doing the transaction in WA is that I likely have a buyer interested in my Echo.