Moving things

I have a 2006 Saturn ion and have to move from California to Pennsylvania, but I have a lot of books. Approximately how much weight can I load into a Saturn without ruining the suspension?


What does your Owner’s Manual have to say on this topic?
That is really your best resource, rather than random opinions from strangers.
If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, there is a good chance that you can download one via the 'net.

An additional thought–It is not just the suspension that you should be concerned with.
The carrying capacity and the condition of your tires is even more important, as running at high speed for long distances will take its toll on the tires if they are not in good condition and/or if you overload the tires.

Most of us would advise inflating the tires to 3 or 4 lbs over the recommended pressure listed on the label on the driver’s door jamb for the type of driving that you will be doing. Slightly higher pressure will result in less flexing of the sidewalls, less tendency to blow-out, and less of an increase in pressure under these driving conditions.

Just be sure to use the pressure listed on the driver’s door jamb as your reference.
Do NOT inflate the tires to the pressure listed on the tire sidewall.

I had not considered the effects of the tire’s, that is a great point, thank you

You can often ship books by freight at a low cost. They can also be sent at a special educational rate. I would check into this before you overload your car.

I also suggest that you put the books in front of the rear wheels; probably in the back seat. That will distribute the weight to the front wheels too. Don’t put them behind the rear wheels. Save that space for lighter stuff.

check the door label … tire info…gives the total weight that can be safely carried…