Moving from arid to humid... any prep needed?

we just moved from SW Montana (where it’s very dry) to NE Georgia (where it’s not very dry) and we’e wondering if there’s anything we should consider with regard to the performance of our 1994 Subaru Legacy…

we trailered the car down, and noticed when we got here and off-loaded the Suby that the breaks were squeaking - that went away pretty quickly, but i’ve been noticing another occasional new sound as we drive around town (it usually only happens pretty soon after i’ve started the car in the morning): when accelerating, there’s a brief kinda high-pitched growl that comes from deep inside the engine compartment (the tranny maybe?)… not sure what it is, or if it’s of any consequence.

thanks, and cheers from Athens…

Lay in a supply of baby powder to prevent chafing.

For the car, nothing different is needed. Just keep up with routine maintenance, paying attention to your new driving patterns- perhaps yours now qualify as “severe service”.

The squeaking brakes were most likely a result of a coating of rust on the rotors. Common when a car sits for several days, and moreso in humid climates. No harm done, though.

Check all the fluids immediately, especially the transmission, differentials, and center differential/viscous coupling.

Your car came off the factory assembly line already prep’ed for humid climates… as well as for dry climates, cold climates, and so on. No additional treatment is required nor even recommended. BTW, welcome to Georgia the Peach State.

I live near DC; as humid as Georgia. Every place east of the Mississippi is. Our cars are the same ones sold in all 50 states, and we do nothing different. Well, we might change the filters less often because dust isn’t as big an issue.