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Mouse nest in car, brake lights blinkers dont work

2000 jeep cherokee brake lights will not work.changed the bulbs, brake switch, checked fuses, ripped the effin panels out and checked wires and grounds, ripped up rugs found the mouse nest-no mouse, no chews in wires. the parking lights work, hazard lights work,any ideas? WHEN LIGHTS ARE ON, RT HAND BLINKER DOESNT WORK…WHEN LIGHTS ARE OFF BOTH BLINKERS WORK…

I noticed you made at least a couple of postings about this problem. In the future please use only one post about the same problem so others replying to the problem can see what is going on.;jsessionid=CFBE340D49041E1EA741DE2EB478537B

As was stated already in the other thread getting your hands on a test light probe to verify where power is getting to will help you a lot in locating the trouble. Fuses can be good but if there is no power getting to them it may as well be blown out. The test probe will be able to verify power is getting through the fuse.

I recommend you start your check at the fuse and make sure power is good there and then check the brake light switch to make sure power is passing through it when the pedal is depressed. If that checks out then you need to move back towards the lights. Since the flashers are working the trouble may be under the dash somewhere as the two circuits usually share the same wiring to the rear lights.

For the RT side blinker problem check the grounding connection for the head lights and the RT rear lights.