Mountaineer AWD Mayhem

My truck sounded horrible; like a hammer pounding on metal. So, Ramone and I took off the front drive shaft and no more raucous. Actually the truck’s driving like a dream, very smooth and I feel like it’s getting better gas mileage and I’m fine with only rear wheel drive. Dad says I could damage the transmision or the gearing in the transfer case and should fix the front drive train problem. I love the way the Mountaineer drives now but don’t want to cause a bigger problem down the road. Anyone know if I’ll be OK continuing to drive minus power to the front?

Is this an AWD or a 4WD drivetrain?


The Mountaineer only comes with AWD, IIRC. I’m not sure if there are other modes (2 Hi, etc.) selectable with this transfer case.

Yep it’s AWD, but now with the front drive train disabled only the rear wheels are geting power. Can I continue driving the truck like this or will I damage something?

My buddy just told me his brother has been running his Expedition for the last 3 years minus the front drive train, no problems. Anyone know if I’ll be fine driving my 97’ Mountaineer like this?