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My AWD has been diconected. Is this a good solution?

2011 Nissan Rogue

After experiencing a grinding and binding condition when backing up with the steering wheel full right or left, I took it to my friend, a mechanic for a look-see.

It was determined they the universal Joint at the rear axle was binding and needs replacement. At the U joint is integral to the driveshaft I must replace the whole unit an a cost of several hundred dollars. Do I want to spend this kind of money on an old car?

While I’m mulling this over, I’m running a two wheel front drive configuration. Amazingly, the car runs smoother and the instrument panel tells me I have an decrease of 5 mpg in my fuel consumption. I attribute this to the saving in energy by not having to transfer energy to the rear wheels. Am I correct? Can I continue in a two wheel drive mode without damage?

I would appreciate any comments as I’m willing to listen to both/any sides or comments
Thanks, Gearheads

I think you mean that the MPG increases. Fuel consumption decreases causes MPG increase.

April 20


decrease of 5 mpg in my fuel consumption

I think you mean that the MPG increases. Fuel consumption decreases
causes MPG increaseVisit Topic
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You are correct, my error

my rear driveshaft is removed since the carrier bearing is shot. this is a pic of another car, not my actual car. I have the rear differential and 2 axle shafts still remaining. maybe I could remove them for weight savings? I might have to remove 1 or both axles to change my wheel bearings but I assume the diff may leak fluid if I yank out the cv axle? why not fix the carrier bearing? I assume your axle is not super expensive but paying a mechanic to change it might add up.

A few hundred bucks for a car repair these days isn’t much.

A 5-6 year old car isn’t that old in my book.

I would question the accuracy of that. Per the EPA there’s no difference in city fuel economy and a 2 MPG difference in highway economy between the front wheel drive 2011 Rouge and the AWD model

a 5 MPG difference is much larger swing than what you should reasonably expect.

I wonder if the AWD system ties into the traction control, ABS, and or stability control systems on the vehicle. If they do, then you might find that they aren’t functioning optimally (or at all) in a inopportune time. I’d get it fixed.

Someone here may know for sure if it’s wise to run with the AWD disconnected. Was this done electronically, or by physically removing something?

Years ago in Subarus you could press a button to switch from AWD to FWD. I’ve always thought this was a good thing, since AWD so seldom confers much advantage.

As for your old 2011 vehicle - average age of cars on the road is about 11 years IIRC. In my book yours is not so old to stop keeping it in good repair. But it is your car and you decide! Best wishes.

Is this car in unusually bad shape or does it have unusually high miles? Otherwise, I certainly think a 2011 car is worth a proper repair.