Motor Vehicle/Bad Good Road Trip Movies/TV Shows

There is a vintage thread ‘Ever Had a Road Trip From Hell’? And a recent thread for ‘Car/Road Trip Songs’. How about Motor Vehicle/ Bad or Good Road Trip Films/Movies/TV Shows? I can think of a few.

Route 66
National Lampoons Vacation
Planes Trains and Automobiles
Its a mad, mad, mad, mad world.
Easy Rider
Cannonball Run
Mad Max

Tommy Boy. It pained me to see that GTX convertible get trashed, clone or not.


They tried to re-create that movie years ago Rat Race with Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) John Cleese among other stars that may be familiar have been challenged to race from Las Vegas to Silver City NM to claim a bag with $2,000,000 from a train station locker. Many forms of transportation are involved. John Cleese plays the casino owner who’s taking bets on the race from a group of bored rich guys (while taking other silly bets along the way)

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Those are good ones. Route 66 was a mega road trip! My first ones are: Bad Motor vehicle, ‘Christine’. Bad road trips: ‘Vanishing Point’, ‘Thelma and Louise’.

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There was one with Dennis Weaver in a car being chased by a menacing trucker. I think it was called Duel.

Thunder Road with a young Robert Mitchum, best B movie ever.


Can’t forget Smokey and the Bandit.


Gumball Rally :smiley:


‘Duel’ is the Dennis Weaver film. ‘Thunder Road’ is possibly my favorite film.


. ‘Thunder Road’ is possibly my favorite film.

Agree I think out of all the films movies and TV show’s Thunder Road was the most realistic.

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May I nominate Planes Trains and Automobiles as most realistic?

I traveled a lot for work about that time and it seemed painfully realistic at times!

May I nominate Planes Trains and Automobiles as most realistic?

You may be right as I never saw the whole movie I just saw bit’s and piece’s of it for some reason I could not get into it.

John Candy was the best :+1:

I clearly remember the day it was announced he’d died

The supervisor said “This is a sad day. John Candy died”

Two Lane Blacktop

James Taylor and Dennis Wilson driving their '55 Chevy around looking for drag races.

Edited to replace Warren Oates with Dennis Wilson.

James Taylor (driver) and Beach Boy Brian Wilson (mechanic) were in the ‘55’ Chevy. Warren Oates owned and drove a Pontiac GTO ‘Judge’. I consider it one of the very best car movies and never understood why it did poorly at the box office.

Oops. But it was actually Dennis Wilson.

Oops. I am not immune to making mistakes. I knew it was Dennis.

Sounds like any number of movies which I . . . along with many critics . . . thought were great movies, yet bombed at the box office

According to my brother . . . who’s in the industry, but on a small scale . . . some of the movies bombed due to very poor promotion, which translates to poor planning, if I’m not mistaken

While I thought of it as kind of a lame movie, there was Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. And another ruined Mopar.

And lamer still to me was Death Race 2000.

I’m not I’ve ever seen it, but I just looked it up

And for me it’s obvious why it was apparently a lame movie . . . Roger Corman was involved :crazy_face: