Motor swap?

I have a d series motor and want to know which b series will fit best.

Make, model, year, transmission?

If this that 1998 Civic you have all the other threads about why would you even think about an engine swap . There comes a time when one just has to cut their losses and move on.

Definitely the B17A1, no doubt about it. But that’s my answer to most questions in life, so take that advice with a grain of salt. :smile:

Us non-Honda nuts won’t know the specifics of swaps, other than the potential issues with computer and sensor compatibility. You might try out a Civic forum for more detailed advice.


B17 is a good engine if you can find one, but you’ll have a much easier time finding a B18. Note that you’ll need a B-series transmission and new axles as well. And an appropriate ECU (if zDyne is still in business, they made a good programmable one for the old Civics).

And probably some other stuff. If this were a 2nd gen Civic/CRX I could tell you exactly, but I’m not up on the specifics for your car.

If you’re just doing this to replace the engine, then replace it with another D-series because it’ll be a lot cheaper and easier. If you’re doing it to make the car faster, then look for a B18C for VTEC. If you can find a B18C5 that’s ideal, but overwhelming odds are you won’t find one.

It would be cheaper to buy another car than to swap in a B series.

Yes indeed. The D16Y8 in my 1999 Civic EX is going strong at 189,000 miles. It has been well cared for. You don’t need to complicate things any more than necessary. IF (big if) this car is a keeper, putting in an OK engine just like its original engine is the reasonable way to go. Get unreasonable with cars only if you have money to burn.

Honda Civic 98 manual 5sp

Bikeguy88 Thank you