Motor Oil

I own a 2005 F-250 with a 5.4 engine. The manufacture specs tell me to use 5W-20 motor oil. My question is can I use 5W-30 or 10W-30 oil for it is easier for me to find


I own an 02 F350, and it gets a steady diet of Motorcraft filter and 5W20 Motorcraft motor oil from Walmart. This combination is fairly inexpensive and definitely meets Ford requirements. Filter is under $4, and oil is about $12 for 5 qt jug.

Read your owner’s manual carefully. I was certainly left with the impression that Ford does not condone use of x-30 oils. Of the two, I would go for 5W30 if I couldn’t find 5W20.

Before 5W-20 because widespread 5W-30 was what they used in the service dept. At the dealership I worked at.

5W-20 isn’t that hard to find. Keep looking.

Use 5W-20, or even better 0W-20. That’s all that Ford approves of in that engine.

Did you try Wallmart or K-Mart. That’s where I buy my oil at…and they have several different brands of 5w-20.