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Is it ok to use 5w-30 when Ford wants 5w-20?

I needed to change my oil so I went to the store to purchase my 0w-20 or 5w-20 AMSOIL, but they didn?t have either. They did, however, have plenty of 5w-30 AMSOIL. So I put that in. Did I make a bad choice?

It’s Ok. 5w-30 oil is an acceptable alternative when 5w-20 oil isn’t available.


I use castrol and in my ancient years decided to have a shop do an oil change, I asked about having castrol 5w_20, and they said we just use 10w_30, So I said thanks, but in my mind no thanks and did it myself. I think if the oil change place cannot provide the oil specified in the manual you need to find another place. As tester said I don’t think it will be a problem either, but in my mind if it says to use ‘A’ why take the chance and use ‘B’

It’s okay. Before 5W-20 was widely available even Ford dealerships were substituting 5W-30 for 5W-20.

It’s OK until you have to make a warranty claim. If the manual doesn’t spec 5W-30 then I wouldn’t use it.

Personally, I would PREFER 5-30 during the summer months…

Being that it is March, my timing is good.