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Motor Mounts

2002 Subaru Forester
I took my car to the Auto Zone to read a check engine code. It came back as being a “knock sensor”. Besides that I needed a battery, and when the guy was putting it in he said my engine was moving too much and that I probably needed motor mounts.
I was looking at a discussion back in 2010 and the Subaru specialist told the person needing motor mounts is rare for a Subaru, is that true? I’m taking it to a mechanic, what should I expect? how many motor mounts does a subaru have?

I wouldn’t be too concerned about advice from an AutoZone employee. Many of their employees are car enthusiasts, but what is important to them is often out of line with the needs of the general public.

You can check the motor mounts yourself.

Open the hood and start the engine. Engage the parking brake. Place the transmission in gear with your left foot fimly on the brake pedal. While someone watches the engine standing at the side of the vehicle, quickly step on the gas pedal and release it.

You want to see how much the engine twists when torque is applied on the engine.


I have driven for 65 years and have never had to replace a motor mount.

Stop going to autozone. I’ve never had to replace a motor mount on a Subie and have had at least one in the family since 1984.

Autozone (along with most repair chains) mechanics work on commission. First they must sell about $1000 in parts every month. Then after that they get a percentage of each part they sell. It’s getting close to the holidays…so some mechanics are trying to get extra Christmas money.

Take Testers advise…Do the test in both drive and reverse. A SMALL amount of engine movement is normal, but anything over an inch needs to be corrected…

Well I took my Subaru to the mechanic. I found out my front driver side motor mount needs replacing but the rest are fine. I do however have an oil leak from one of my gaskets, which has been leaking oil on the motor mount and that is why it needs replacing. The leak is small but it will cost me. I do want to thank all of you for your comments. I felt a little less anxious about the whole thing and after I read your comments, I wasn’t as anxious anymore.