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Motor Mount, CV Joints or something else?

For the Past couple weeks my 2001 Hyundai Accent has made a clicking noise.

It comes from the rt, front wheel area.

I have noticed it often happens when i accelerate from a full stop - usually only one click. It also will click sometimes multiple times when travelling at low speeds around a curve.

I took it to my local Big O who told me it was my motor mount (apparently too much play, causing the noise upon acceleration). They said it would probably cost me about $1000 to fix and I would need to decide if I might just want to buy a new car!

I don’t know much about cars, but I am suspicious of their diagnosis. From what I have read, I wonder if it might be a CV joint problem?

Mostly I just want to be sure it isn’t dangerous. They told me the motor mount isn’t dangerous, but if it’s not the motor mount, might it be??

$1000 for a motor mount?? I think not.

You have the classic symptoms of a bad constant velocity joint.

Agree; clicking nearly always indicates the CV joints are going. Engine mount problems have different symptoms, and cost less than $1000 to replace, should that be necessary.

I concur with NYBo and Docnick. This symptom is consistent with a bad CV joint.

The bad diagnosis, combined with the ridiculous price quote that you were given, should cause you to go to a different mechanic. While I don’t know what a “Big O” is, if this is a chain operation, you should definitely look elsewhere for your car repairs. Chain operations feature service writers and mechanics who both work on commission, thus leading to attempts to find an excuse for expensive solutions to car problems. That factor, combined with poor expertise, leads to unnecessary, overpriced repairs. Ask friends, neighbors and co-workers for recommendations on an independent mechanic whom you can trust.

“Big O” Arizona tire store chain.

That confirms my opinion that the OP is going to the wrong place if she wants competent repair work at a fair price.