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Motor knocking cant get any power over 60mph

I have a 2013 kia Sorento I just lost power can’t get over 60mph if I slow down it starts jerking like it’s starving for gas my motor shakes with I put on the gas and it knocking

I’m assuming that your Check Engine Light is flashing at this point? If it is, you need to pull over and shut your engine off so you don’t damage your engine or catalytic converter. If the CEL is simply on, could you get the codes read and post them here?

Yes it’s flashing

Then have it towed to your recommended independent mechanic. Don’t run it if the CEL is flashing. Your engine is misfiring and driving it could damage it or the catalytic converter as I previously mentioned. The reason your power got lost is that your car likely went into Limp Mode to try and protect itself

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I’m going to tow it home to Mississippi from Texas

I turned the car off soon as it started messing up

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That’s a lot of towing miles…are there any shops close by so you can avoid that towing charge??

Either way, best of luck getting it fixed! Let us know what they end up fixing!!

At an average of $3.50 a mile, Not knowing where you’re at, Jackson Mississippi to Dallas Texas is 400 miles = $1400.00 tow bill just to find out the car may not be worth fixing.

Most insurance and roadside assistance plans will only tow to the nearest repair facility.

There is a recall for crankshaft failure that may apply to this vehicle;

There was a software update for the engine ecu that will flash the check engine light and reduce engine power if a bearing knock is detected, that may be what you experienced.

The 4 cylinder engine short block has a warranty extension to 10 years/120,000 miles, check with your dealer.