2015 Kia Sportage - Knock leads to new engine

Engine light flickered on and off. Power began to decline. Barely reached my destination which was a mile away.
The dealer who sold me the car said it came up with a knock sensor code error.(Note: There was a Knock sensor recall which we brought it in to the dealorship back in May where they input something into the computer to correct an issue) They sent it to a Kia Dealer and they said after several days the engine needed to be replaced. (Keep in mind this car has only 67,000 and showed no warning of trouble. It has been serviced on time for the last 23 months. Now we are being told we need to wait to find out if the manufacturer will replace this engine.

That prior recall work receipt is about to become very handy.

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A yellow light… or a red light??

The engine computer software was updated to use the knock sensor to detect connecting rod bearing failure, its original use is to detect detonation or pre-ignition.

When engine bearing failure is detected the engine power is reduced allowing you to limp to a dealer for engine replacement.

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I’m also curious as to which color light is being referred to. Yellow CEL or the red lack of oil pressure light which I’m sure is what Mustangman is getting at.

That brings up secondary questions. When was the last oil change and when was the last time the hood was raised to check the motor oil level?

Note the OP apparently bought this as a used car and being serviced on time for the last 23 months does not mean it was serviced on time in the preceding months and years.


The light was not red. And it did not stay on but blinked on and off.
Vehicle was in cruise control at the time the engine light started to blink. Tapped the brake to exit cruise control. Stepped on throttle and engine was miminally responsive.
In answer to the other question: The oil change was done within the last 2000 miles. We kept to the schedule set up for this car by the dealer.
Kia dealership says all test results implicate engine failure. We are awaiting a response for a new engine by manufacturer. This will take some time as the dealership says Korea does not respond promptly to requests of this nature. However, the dealership did provide us with a loaner vehicle until they hear back from them.

No guarantee on Kia spring for a new engine, but good luck.

That’s good, but have you been checking the oil level in the meantime?

If the CEL was flashing, your engine may have gone into limp mode to protect itself.

That’s good of them! Good luck, I hope you’re able to get your engine replaced

Would bite to know your motor is part of known replacement program but yours died for another issue.