Engine Light Won’t Go off on Chevrolet Cruze

My engine light can on and it wont go back off. I have had this problem before, but all I had to do was step on brake petal a few times, and then it would go off. It won’t go off now! Now the problem is that it wont shift correctly. I can only go 30 mph. It also jerks really bad when I put it in reverse, or even drive. My car is a 2011 model.

Is the check engine light flashing? (I’m strongly guessing it is…) You need to have this car TOWED to your mechanics for diagnostic. When the CEL is flashing you’re having misfires which can damage your engine and catalytic converter

Agreed. The fact that the car won’t go above 30 MPH tells me it’s gone into “limp” mode. Meaning there’s a serious problem.

The car’s computer should have stored a code or codes that the mechanics can read. Have the car towed to the shop, for safety, and to avoid potentially damaging the car further.

Good luck.

Wasn’t that a hint that maybe something is wrong with your car? Now the 30 mph limit is a BIGger hint that, really, there is something wrong with your car.

If the light is flashing, TOW it to your mechanic, now. Don’t drive it again or the repair bill will be very, very large.

You might want to read that little book in your glovebox called the owners manual so you know what to do the next time one of those lights on the dash stay on so you know what to do.

In addition to the other relevant responses, I have to point out to the OP that almost all situations like his are the result of a lack of maintenance. Yes, there are inevitably some instances of failed components, such as coil packs and purge valves, but most drivers who have a Check Engine Light (CEL) glowing on their instrument panel are people who have deferred or ignored vital maintenance that is listed in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

There are some people who seem to think that everyone is driving around with a lit-up CEL, but that is simply not accurate. When a CEL first starts to glow, it is important to have the problem diagnosed a.s.a.p., but when it gets to the point where that CEL is flashing and the car will only go a maximum of 30 mph, things have gotten to a dire point with the car, and it is necessary to have the car towed to a competent mechanic’s shop, and to stop driving it until the underlying problem(s) have been repaired.