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Most Reliable/Safe Convertible with a back seat

Based on the response from my last question, I’ll post this one: Anyone know of a reliable and safe convertible? It must have a back seat since my daughter cannot yet ride in the front. It must have the rollbar system.

Volvo V70

New or used? The Camaro and Firebird both had targa tops (they called them T-tops). It’s a hard top with one or two removable panels. If you prefer a used car, look at these. Just remember that convertibles are 2-door cars, just in case your daughter is not old enough to get into and out of the car herself yet. It won’t be a problem for her; just you.

Pshh… you don’t watch enough TV. If you have a convertible you don’t NEED doors!

Only two seaters are real convertibles.  :-)

Well, the 4 door Lincoln convertibles in the 1960’s deserve an honorable mention.

Back seat and a roll bar? Tough, I think I’ve seen some VW Cabriolet’s set up like that. If you can live without the roll bar, Toyota Solara - fits the reliable criteria.

All convertibles have body stiffeners welded underneath since there is no roof to add stiffness. This also means that the car has a lower center of gravity; it is less prone to rollovers. I wouldn’t be concerned about rolling the car, unless you are going to drive foolishly with her in the back. I’m sure that you have no intention of doing that.

I’ll recommend 2 convertibles:

Toyota Camry Solara XLE is a soft top but very elegant and quiet.

Pontiac G6 convertible is a retractable hard top that shares the same basic platform as the Chevy Malibu and Saturn Aura.

There are plenty of aftermarket roll bar kits for Mustangs. Some looke very nice too.

Toyota Camry Solara, if you can find one.

Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, Volvo, or a Bently all have 4 seat cars with pop-up roll protection or fixed systems that don’t look like your typical roll bar. And they’re safe. Don’t just look for a roll bar, any of these similar systems would work just as well, and often look a little better with the top down. Its like getting rid of the tan lines of a convertible.