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Best old cheap convertible to buy?

I’m looking for an inexpensive option for a fun convertible for occasional driving. Not looking for a fixer upper but I want a reasonably reliable fun car. I’d prefer a smaller size convertible like a BMW or a Lark or even a K-car. Any ideas would be great!

Lark? As in Studebaker?

Miata, all the way.

My recommendation for a fun car that’s a convertible would have to be the Mazda Miata. They can be found for a reasonable price if you look hard enough. My sister has owned hers since the early '90’s and it’s been relatively maintenance free since the day she drove it home from the dealer. Several other family members have owned them but they sold or traded them in after a few years. All of theirs were just as reliable as my sister’s car so they really don’t fall into the “fixer upper” category. They also get pretty good gas mileage.

Chrysler Sebring Convertable seems to be the cheapest used now Chrysler 200 convertible.

It depends on what your definition of fun is. If it is great handling, the Miata is the ticket. If you want a cruiser, you should consider a Toyota Camry Solara or a 1960s Cadillac. I know the Caddy is big, but it is a great cruiser.

go to ebay and search for Ford Thunderbird years 2002 to 2005. These are all convertibles; fun, hold value well, and some should be in the $10K range. I have an '04 and drive it in the summer months. Reliable, fun car, that is great for cruising on the interstates and local highways and byways.

Fox-body Mustang

Miata – great engine, RWD and manual transmission. You will have to spend three or four times the price of a Miata to get anything else that won’t even come close.

No matter what, leave the K-car out of the picture… :slight_smile:

If you expect to get reasonable service out of a convertible, they must be kept in a garage or at least a carport…Cadillac Allante’s can be had cheap, but reliable? no…

Were the K-car convertibles popular?
I don’t recall seeing one.

Oh yeah, the K car 'verts were pretty popular, but short lived…

I just googled Aries convertible. Yeah, now I vaguely remember them. I must say it’s been quite a few years since I saw one. In fact, I hardly see any more K-cars at all. There is one being regularly driven near my shop, though. A survivor.

Thanks for the great input. I’m definitely going to look into Mazda miatas. I know there are tons of sebrings out there for cheap but looking for something just a bit more stylish. The k-car thought was only because I used to have one and I had seen the convertible version of it once on the road.
Thanks for the help!

K-Car convertible is usually called a LeBaron.

I vote Mustang, with Miata a very close second.

Chrysler LeBaron From Early - Mid 90s. It’s From The Plymouth Acclaim, Dodge Spirit, Chrysler LeBaron Family.

I had a 91 Spirit, 2.5L four. We had it for many, many years. It was a great car, never had any serious problems with it, extremely reliable and economical.


Budget Range ?
You’ll get more meaningful suggestions if you give an idea on what you’re looking to spend.

I need to add one more to the mix as a solar cruiser, not a sports machine. GM J-car convertibles. Chevy Cavalier or Pontiac Sunfire. We owned one for 2 years on a lease. Good electric top, reliable and tough.

What about the Civic Del Sol? Fun to drive, Honda reliability, and with the hard top it’s good in colder climates.

A fun to drive Honda does not exist. Anyone who thinks so hasn’t driven anything else