Mosquito sound in dashboard, 03 0lds silhouette

after my car has been running 30 min. or better. there is a sound that comes from the area of the speedometer. the sound is like a very large mosquito buzzing in your ear. it is sporadic most of the time, but if i drive the car for extended periods of time, (over an hour) it can be constant.

Are the speedometer, odometer, and tachometer working correctly? Sounds like a loose speedometer cable.

Or it could be the climate control system–can you change, eliminate, or cause the noise by adjusting the fan, air ducts, or hot/cold controls?

speedometer and odometer are working properly. the climate control system has no effect on the problem.

If a customer presented me this car for repair I would first have them sit with me in the car so as that we will both be hearing and trying to fix the same noise (often this step goes wrong) and then I would move towards eventually pulling the cluster to find the noise.Most likely the source would be found along the way to this furthest step I believe you would have to take. Sure would be embarassing if the noise was comming through a speaker. Just use a diagnostic approach with a stratgey (as opposed to simply taking everything apart or disconnecting all at once). It has been a good long while since GM used a cable as a component of the speedometer system.

could it possibly be in the wheel or hub bearing?

could it possibly the hub bearing in one of the front wheels?

If the OP had he Coni-seal bearing monitor system up and running he would know this.

what is a coni-seal bearing monitor system? is it something that is used by mechanics or is does it come with certain vehicles?

I may be way off base here, but I experienced the same problem in a rented Ford Taurus. When we got out on the highway, we had a terrible buzzing sound and it made travel very unpleasant. Around town, there was no buzzing. I returned the car to the rental agency and they knew exactly what the problem was. The windshield had recently been replaced and had not been properly sealed. I was upgraded at no charge to a Jeep Grand Cheroke.

Does the buzzing start when you get up to highway speed or after the interior has warmed up? Does the buzzing occur only when the car is in motion, or does it continue when the motor is running but the car isn’t moving? If it continues when the car isn’t in motion, then it isn’t the windshield.

It is a vehicle systems monitoring project that is in the developmental stage for use on automobiles. The company lists several components on a vehicle that it says it can monitor and give a report on the state of health of such system. The system is currently in use with military vehicles and aircraft. If this system can make the transistion to civilian automobiles and civilian acceptance,and make money for its developers is not yet clear. Most if not all the “regulars” on this forum doubt that the system could be of value to the civilian population,they are technoligicaly challenged ( “they” being both the “regulars” and to some degree the civilan population).

Systems like this are simply proposals in the developmental stage but they do represent a look at the future in automotive maintenance technology.

We had this problem with early Malibus (early meaning 1997-2000). There was a “buzz” caused by air flowing over a poorly sealed windshield. shooting some glue (find the proper sealant) under the windshield gasket fixed it in the Malibu. Good call Triedaq.