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Roller lifters?

06 equinox has roller lifters and rockers. I am pulling heads for overheating issue and did run it for a bit and there is a top end tap on front bank. The cam lobes look ok and there is some visible dullness on lobes where rollers ride. It’s not new of course. Can the lifters be serviced while motor is tore down? Soaking? Disassembly?
I read that some 3.4 motors are just noisy.

If you have to try take one apart and clean one up, go right ahead but I’ve never heard of anyone doing that.

They are $11 each at Rockauto.

A lifter that is noisy is collapsed? From crud? Can you Inspect a good one and bad one and see the difference?

If you can manage to get a dial indicator gauge on the rockers, you should be able to ID a problematic lifter by comparing the amount it “lifts” to the others when hand-turning the crank, without removing it from the engine. Never done it, just an idea is all.


Front head is off. Easy to pull lifters

While engine is apart, replace all lifters. It’s just not worth it to put them back in.

i cleaned the crud from the 24 lifters on my vue. the vue lifters were $25 each though. 25x24 is $600. the nox lifters are $6 at RA. so its $75. i tried to depress several and no movement at all.

Used hydraulic lifters are hydro-locked with oil. Disassemble, clean and then they will freely depress by hand. Flat tappets I just replace because they wear so much on the working surface. For an older engine with hydraulic rollers, I might be inclined to clean them up if they looked decent to begin with vs cheap aftermarket replacements…

took apart 2 of them. pretty easy. nothing wrong with cleaning them if i want to spend the time

Wow, that looks like a pretty narrow “bank angle”

60 degree V-6 . . .?