Mopar Antifreeze

Do Chrysler T&Cs need Mopar antifreeze or will store brands be satisfactory?

Use a global/universal antifreeze.

These are HOAT antifreeze’s that Chrysler recommends.


Is this for topping off, or for a drain and fill? If topping off, and if I knew it still had the factory fill, I might go buy one bottle from the dealer, just to be sure. If a drain and fill, then I’d do as @Tester recommends.

The Mopar antifreeze is for topping off. Will stay with recommendation. Thanks.

Newer Chryslers use OAT coolant . See your owners manual to see what yours is running as I believe a few years ago they did use HOAT .

Mixing of engine coolant (antifreeze) other than specified
Organic Additive Technology (OAT) engine coolant (anti-
freeze), may result in engine damage and may decrease
corrosion protection. Organic Additive Technology (OAT)
engine coolant is different and should not be mixed with
Hybrid Organic Additive Technology (HOAT) engine
coolant (antifreeze) or any “globally compatible” coolant
(antifreeze). If a non-OAT engine coolant (antifreeze) is
introduced into the cooling system in an emergency, the
cooling system will need to be drained, flushed, and
refilled with fresh OAT coolant (conforming to MS.90032),
by an authorized dealer as soon as possible.

Organic ACID Technology.


Based on the other posts, we need to know the year of your van, and whether the coolant was ever replaced. If you are not the original owner, we may not be able to tell you which version you have.

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