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Changing anti-freeze in a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

I want to change the anti-freeze in my daughter’s 2005 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan that she just purchased. The owner’s manual says to use Mopar anti-freeze. I want to use Prestone, if at all possible, or at least another well known brand. However, I am confused as to what type to buy. The old anti-freeze is orange or red in color, not your typical green. The manual says to use HOAT type anti-freeze. Can anyone help me out on what to get? Also, does anyone know where the engine coolant drain plug is located on the engine block? Anyone have experience changing anti-freeze in a Town & Country before?

The HOAT antifreeze is what you have to use. I think autozone has one, the brand is Xerex, maybe with a different spelling. Should be $8-10 per gallon and it is not mixed with water. From my understanding nowadays the color of the antifreeze does not mean anything!

Well Mopar is a well known brand. I don’t know what class of antifreeze your car requires, but it is important to use the type that the manufacturer calls for.