2018 Toyota Camry - moon roof cover sticking

2018 Camry XSE V6, panoramic moon roof - cover stuck while opening it. looking at it I discovered the cover (across the middle between the stationary window and the front window that opens) is no loner attached. It slips down and the cover hits it when opening. Talked to service guy he swore it just needed to be set back in place. I told him he was wrong but insisted it was a simple issue. Before I got home the piece was once again loose. Any one know how to fix this? I, too, have had rattles in the front of my car since shortly after purchase. Service guys always say they can’t find or hear anything . . . Disappointed. Love Toyota. Traded my 4 runner for Camry. Hubby drives a Tundra . . . Never had these problems with other models . . .

A 2018 should still be under the bumper-to-bumper warranty unless you’ve put more than 36k miles on it. Go back to the dealer and give the shop another chance to get it right. If you still don’t get satisfaction, there should be a number for Toyota corporate in your Owner’s Manual.