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Moog/ Dodge Track bar

Got a little shake in syearing wheel when I ease my 94 ram 3500 truck right. Is 4 wheel drive. breaks/ caliper drivers side pulled, caliper changed ok. 80,000 mi now. did change out factory Track bar with Moog yrs ago. Does Moog have all metal parts? keep ball joints greased well. Any thing else to check for? Truck has newer “steering stabilizer shock” post work 3000 mi ago. Thanke in advance for any info!! P.S. Shake" in 2 wheel drive, ease right only, tire whear is even.

Have you check your tires for a possible tread separation? Run your hand around the tread of each tire attempting to spot an uneven spot. If nothing is found move the truck a foot or so and check again. Concentrate on the left front tire. You might raise the tire off the ground and watch the tread as the wheel is spun looking for any irregularity in the tread pattern.

Swapped wheel and tire–same.