Moody A/C

Can anyone help with my moody A/C ? The a/c in my 05 Saturn Vue suddenly began fluctuating from cold to barely cold. In May I replaced the compressor, condenser, and accumulator. It blew cold until 2 weeks ago when it started blowing cold when it felt like it… … I really don’t want to spend more $ or time with my mechanic… Should I just give it a Freon charge?

They must have properly charged it when they replaced those parts. When it stops blowing cold air, look at the AC compressor. There’s a ‘ring’ (for a lack of a better word) on the outside of its pulley. That’s the AC clutch. See if that remains spinning when the cool air disappears.

Thanks for your reply RemcoW. I’ll follow that lead and see what I see…

could the clutch be slipping? When at idle the air blows warm but cools down under acceleration.