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2009 Saturn Vue Green Line A/C charging issues

Hi there!

So I have a really odd issue with my 2009 Saturn Vue Green Line when it comes to the A/C.

I had the A/C compressor replaced after the clutch broke on it. When trying to fill it, it wouldn’t take any freon, so I assumed it was a blockage in the system. After checking the condenser, it seemed it was blocked. So I replaced the condenser. After the replacement, the a/c system took one whole can of freon, but wouldn’t take any from the second can.

The LO side is holding 70 PSI and not dropping, and the HI side seems to be stuck at 110 PSI. The clutch on the compressor is engaging, and the compressor is turning on. It just doesn’t seem to be moving any freon.

Can someone give me some incite as to why this would be happening?

Thank you!

Are you putting a vacuum on the system before you charge?

I am, I vacuum both sides to 30 inHg for an hour prior to charging

Do both sides hold that level of vacuum after you shut the pump? And if so, for how long?

I left it at that level for about 30 minutes (both at vaccuum and the previously listed pressure levels). They held steady and showed no signs of a leak anywhere.

Ok, I’m not sure if that car has a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) but if it does, I’d probably start there. You should also change the filter/dryer since the system has been open.

Okay! I’ll look into both of those and see about replacing them. The car does have an expansion valve, so I will start there and see if that fixes it. Thank you for giving me some sort of direction! This process has been driving me nuts

Last question… There should be a label under the hood stating the R134a capacity of the system. Is it still there? If it is, that’s how much you need to put into the system.

Yeah, I found that before I started filling. It’s 1.26 pounds (20 ounces). I was able to get 10 ounces give or take into the system before it stopped taking freon. I’m gonna guess that’s due to the evap valve being broken. Let’s hope so! Once I get it replaced, I’ll make sure to post an update on if that fixed my issue.

Great. Best of luck.

You may have to have the engine idling, to take in the last bit of refrigerant

Under what conditions are you attempting to recharge the AC system?