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Saturn vue compressor?

I bought a used Saturn Vue Hybrid (2008) last summer. I love it, and it’s been great. Until now. The air conditioner doesn’t seem to work, since it’s gotten warm here in Atlanta. The vents blow air, but it’s not cold. I took it to my mechanic, hoping and feeling confidant that it would be something simple like freon. I never imagined that it would need a new compressor - its not that old!?!?
Unfortunately, the mechanic said the compressor needs to be replaced and it will be $1300!!!

I have been looking online to see if I can find a service recall or something because my mechanic said that this is the fourth time he has seen this now. Does anyone have any thoughts or input for me? Thanks!!

If your mechanic is not a specialist in automotive HVAC then I would find a shop that does specialize in it. There are plenty of mechanics out there - even good ones - that aren’t really well-trained or experienced with A/C systems.

If you want to get father than that by internet, get details. What exactly was checked out? How was the determination made that the compressor is bad?

Usually when a compressor begins to fail it starts to make noise. If you’ve never heard any noise when the AC was turned on prior to this problem, then it’s probably not a compressor problem.

Do this. Open the hood and locate the compressor. Start the engine and turn the AC on. Now look at the front of the compressor. If the center part of the compressor pulley isn’t spinning with belt the compressor isn’t functioning. And that’s usually caused from a low refrigerant charge.

Take the vehicle to another garage for a second opinion as to why the AC doesn’t work. I just don’t want you to pay $1,300 for a simple recharge service.


Agreed, when I was a used car dealer and got a car with inop AC, 90% of the time a fresh charge would get it working again 10% of the time I would find a big leak like a blown line or condenser. I never once replaced a compressor though.