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Moldy Smell After Oil Change

Can motor oil have a moldy smell? After Friday’s oil change, our 2003 Ford Explorer now has a putrid, moldy smell which gets worse the longer we drive it. It even stinks up our attached garage. Just wondering if motor oil can go rancid or if the bulk container it’s in at the service garage can get moldy and then contaminate the oil?

Did you, per chance, put synthetic oil in it?

Synthetic oil spilled on the engine or leaking through valve cover gasket can really stink when it burns on the exhaust. Smells nothing like burning conventional oil, though I would describe it more like burning plastic than rancid.

Thanks for your time in responding. No, we had conventional oil put in it and it really smells moldy; not like burning plastic; unless burning plastic smells like mold. Thanks, though. Perhaps others will respond with having a similar experience. The SUV sat outside all weekend; having the oil changed at the car dealer today or tomorrow. Hopefully, the oil was contaminated and changing it will eliminate the smell. Doubt if we’ll ever go back to that lube garage again.